Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions Defined by Your Objectives

We collaborate with clients to address a range of needs, from investment objectives to more complex, targeted solutions

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Broad Market

Strategies with benchmark-based objectives for total return.

Represents our best thinking across the risk-return spectrum; key driver of idea generation across our solution set.

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Specialized Solutions

Customized solutions tailored to specific corporate and institutional business needs.

Fixed income portfolios can be employed to aid ongoing business purposes outside of purley investment-driven goals.

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Satisfy yield/return goals while also managing cash flows.

We seek to balance client objectives with risk tolerances, while considering operating, reserve and strategic cash needs.

Our Philosophy & Approach

Learn more about our Investment Philosophy and Approach through four fundamental whitepapers

Investment Process Pillars

We strive to provide our clients with an investment experience that minimizes undue performance volatility.

Underpinning all investment strategies are four key process pillars that work together to balance risk and return objectives.

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Ongoing Quantitative Analysis

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Ongoing Quantitative Analysis

We seek to ensure primary dimensions of risk (key rates, sector, issuer/securities) are consistent across each strategy.

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Security Selection Integrity

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Security Selection Integrity

Research teams partner with portfolio managers to evaluate sectors, issuers, and securities using a consistent Fundamentals-Valuation-Tactics framework.

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Opportunistic Sector Allocation

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Opportunistic Sector Allocation

We frame relative value across a matrix of more than 50 market subsectors using historical excess returns and volatility.

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Dynamic Position Limits Based on Duration

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Dynamic Position Limits Based on Duration

The concepts of contribution to duration and duration times spread provide a common lens to evaluate relative risk and potential volatility.

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